Io's Shipbrokers, specializes in providing its clients innovative solutions with a broad vision on commercial and advisory needs, professional execution at all aspects of transactions, and full access to shipping markets.

Among the professional services which the company is able to offer are not only chartering and brokerage services, but strategic advice, logistical support, agency, salvage and consultancy services basically on managerial and technical corners in Shipping as well.-
With a worldwide presence in all major shipping markets and with a proud history of service to the shipping arena, Io is more than qualified to answer the needs of its clients.

Io means reliability and our policy of treating our clients as partners and sharing what we know with them has been a strategy that has paid countless dividends both for us and for those we serve.

Quality Policy

Io’s Gemi Kiralama ve Dış Ticaret Ltd.  has had a reliable and strong place in the maritime sector ever since its establishment. Based on this, it undertakes to;

• Constantly strengthen this position before customers,
• Provide all services in consideration of customer satisfaction,
• Ensure stability and achieve its profitability goals by fully meeting the customer needs,
• Constantly increase the level of quality in consideration of teamwork to ensure that all personnel become more competent and can use their skills at the highest level within the framework of quality systems,
• Fully complete a started work in a timely manner, in accordance with legal requirements and the customer contract, at the desired quality and within the budget limits,
• And to ensure constant improvement of the quality management system



Story of Io

Io is the daughter of Inahos, the river god of ancient Greeks. She was a priestess of Hera in Argos and the secret lover of Zeus who changed her into a heifer to escape her from the wrath of his jealous wife, Hera.

Heifer Io, stung by a maddening gadfly sent by Hera, was forced to wander the earth without rest. She eventually crossed the path between the Propontis and the Black Sea, which thus acquired the name Bosphorus (meaning of passage), where she met Prometheus.

Prometheus had been chained on Mt. Caucasus by Zeus for teaching mankind how to make fire; every day, a giant eagle fed on Prometheus' liver.
Story of Io Despite his agony, he comforted Io with the information that she would be restored to human form and become the ancestress of the greatest of all heroes, Heracles (Hercules).

Io escaped across the Ionian Sea to Egypt, where she was restored to human form by Zeus. There, she gave birth to Zeus's son Epaphus, and a daughter as well, Keroessa. She later married Egyptian king Telegonus. Their grandson, Danaos, eventually returned to Greece with his fifty daughters (the Danaids), as recalled in Aeschylus' play The Suppliants.